Miscellaneous logos and graphics

A collection of uncategorized logos and graphics made by Luca.

Campari & Honey Ants

Campari Soda is a common drink in bars and pubs all over Italy. From time to time, the bars organize these Campari Nights, were they sell all their stash - with discounted price and, if you collect a number of bottle caps, you'll get prices and …

Proiezione Origami - Book cover

I made the cover design for this enthralling **cyberzen** story written by Alessandra Arcieri.

Diretta Iniezione

I was in need to get a dynamic microphone preamplifier, but I was not satisfied by the ones I could find. So I decided to make one, using a FET input and this design proved good.

Lorena Fontana - A Vision (The making of)

This video depicts the making of the jazz compact disc **A Vision** from the singer Lorena Fontana recorded in Los Angeles between January and August 2012. Luca Cipressi edited the raw video material guided by the director Alessandra Arcieri.

Alternate Risk - (Proof of Concept)

In 2013 somebody had this idea to change the famous gameboard world map of the original Risk game with that one from Abruzzo, in Italy. With the new map came too the need for new objectives and playing cards and a new name and logo and I cared for …

Firemakers - Metal Empire

Luca Cipressi shortly collaborated with **Fire Makers**, an italian metal band at the end of 2006 featuring Gent Bushpepa, an acclaimed singer, and Max Candido on the guitars. At the moment of writing I cannot recollect the full band details and …