Proiezione Origami - Book cover


I made the cover design for this enthralling cyberzen story written by Alessandra Arcieri.


The Author of the book, Alessandra Arcieri, had already the concept and image in her mind when we started working on the book cover.

She wanted to depict a city skyline, mirrored somehow to communicate the two sides of the image: a binary concept was on the way long time before when we first talked about it. She wanted a sentence too to be highlighted and this was made in a waveform shape as you open up the whole cover. Formulaes were took from various sources and made as window lights, antenna, shaping the buildings.

Full Cover

Proiezione Origami by Alessandra Arcieri

The story waves between the ever existing interlaced layers of knownledge and notions, human and nature, duality (1 0) and the third state of electrical and logical levels: nil, Z, or the high impedance mode. Just like operational amplifiers Agents with ideal high impedance inputs and ideal zero output resistance, at any rate will induct your body electric onto a live circuitry to play a game…


The author has brought to the online life her compelling cyberzen manifesto too.

You can find the book (in Italian language) is available on the following online retailers: