Firemakers - Metal Empire


Luca Cipressi shortly collaborated with Fire Makers, an italian metal band at the end of 2006 featuring Gent Bushpepa, an acclaimed singer, and Max Candido on the guitars. At the moment of writing I cannot recollect the full band details and other members name. I played and recorded the keyboards part for some of their songs and designed the CD cover draft for their Metal Empire album.


The Songs

In 2005 the Fire Makers joined to realized their Metal Empire unpublished demo.

The original tracklist, as I have it recorded includes

Fire Makers - Tears Of Pain

Fire Makers - Devil’s Lie


Recorded at ACME Recording Studio in Raiano (AQ), Italy

Lead Vocals Eugent Bushpepa
Lead & Rhythm Guitar Max Candido
Lead Guitar and Vocals Carlo Cicognani
Bass Guitar and Vocals Tonino Vosolo
Drums Matteo Corelli
Keyboards Luca Cipressi

Luca’s Gears

For this recording I played the piano and organ parts with the Hammond replica by Roland: the Roland VK-8. In my humble opinion still it is the best drawbar organ replica. Roland VK-8 combo Organ Roland VK8

The VK-8 Combo Organ puts the enhanced Virtual ToneWheel sound of the flagship VK-77 in an attractively priced single-manual design with a cool new “waterfall” style keyboard. But it doesn’t stop there: The VK-8 also sports rotary speaker modeling based on COSM technology, new orchestral voices and a D-Beam controller-making it the new leader in combo organs. From Roland official site.

The strings and synth parts were instead played on an old synth: the GEM S3 General Music S3

Italian company Generalmusic (also called GEM) was known for producing home organs and semi-professional accompaniment keyboards. But they also made a few attempts at producing professional music workstations. The first of them was the S-Series, introduced in 1992. GEM called it the “Music Processor” because of its many advanced functions, including a powerful sequencer, the ability to read and edit samples, excellent real-time controllers, and many others. From

CD Cover

Metal Empire

My contribution to the keyboard sounds and a CD cover draft for ’Metal Empire’ by the metal band ’Fire Makers’. Featuring Eugent Bushpepa at the vocals.

Please note that this audio CD cover image has not been officially approved by the Fire Makers and it is included here as personal portfolio.

Credits & Aknowledgements

I must admit that my playing style is more acoustic oriented, and years after listening to this recordings I am still proud of it, I still feel that blues timbre I grew up with. But now I really cannot recall how I ended up being guest keyboard player with a heavy metal band such as the Fire Makers just weeks before I left for good overseas.

I sincerely thank Max “Dingo” Candido for that experience. Haven’t heard from them long time now…Cheers!

Please don’t forget to pay a visit to Eugent Bushpepa on Instagram.