The invitation card for the Campari Honey Ants Night 😄

Campari & Honey Ants


Campari Soda is a common drink in bars and pubs all over Italy. From time to time, the bars organize these Campari Nights, were they sell all their stash - with discounted price and, if you collect a number of bottle caps, you’ll get prices and merchandise!


I designed these leaflets for the jam session night at Bar dello Sport, Serramonacesca using the images of Tjalas, the aboriginal name for this specimen of honey pot ants from central Australia, with their abdomen swollen with the sweetest honey you could ever think of.

We were staying in Serramonacesca, me and my old lady. Used often to spend there some holidays together. I got this invitation to a jam session night while drinking at the very place with the locals. I offered to draw the leaflet, got the ok, had more rounds till I went back home late that night to work on the poster.

The work and the drinking went on for few days during my staying, before that night came at last, rainy and almost ruined by bad weather, but nobody really cared much as it turned out to be a great night with lots of good blues and rock live music.


Red Centre Dreaming

Campari Soda comes in these awesome tiny stubbies with its reddish colour and is a very popular cold drink here (especially with Prosecco or white wine). That time I was going along very well with Campari Soda. Somehow the small bottle made me think to the ants nest we went digging down in the red centre of Australia, under the hot sun, shaded by some mulga trees there were this small holes on top of the ground to look at, so it was a very warm summer night that night in Serra too, and I dreamed of digging for camparisoda ants gorged with the drink, squeeze the juice out in a glass, cool it down for half an hour in the fridge…, and and wondered how would they look with the same tone coloring using Photoshop.


About Serramonacesca in Abruzzo, Italy

There is this beautiful little town up there in the Maiella mountains in Abruzzo, Italy. Its name is Serramonacesca, jady valleys and beautiful landscapes makes it one of the most.

The Bar dello Sport in Serramonacesca is one of the only two pubs for few miles around, a niche next to the church, the latter being Fazio’s, which can accommodate more people and serves tastier coffee :) People, here in Serra, will salute you like See you at Pando’s or See you at Fazio’s. Very peculiar and warm-hearted people around. The scenery is awesome too.

  • The Adriatic sea is only a thirty minutes drive down east, while the walking trails are just next door if you want to get to BlockHaus at 2000 meters.
  • Castel Menardo walking stroll (1 hour)
  • Eremo di Sant’Onofrio (3 hours)
  • Abbazia di San Liberatore a Majella (half an hour)

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Australia 2008

These photos were taken about 100 Km outside Alice Springs, NT. I went with Rene Kulitja and her late husband Richard collecting Tjala. She is reckoned one of he most talented artist from the Yankunjantjara Anangu people of central Australia. Hers is the Qantas Yananyi Dreaming dot-painting on one of the fleet’s Boeing 737.


These are the photographs taken with Rene and Richard Kulitja in November 2008.