Playing music without touching any instruments, but just waving your hands in the air? I could not believe and when I got to know the secrets of Mr. Theremin, I was so involved that I started making a digital one and an analog one.

Back To The Future Time Circuits

What if we could travel in time? The blockbuster movie 'Back To The Future' from Robert Zemeckis is a mind twister. Everybody I guess has always dreamed to drive the DeLorean. The flux capacitor and the time circuits could become something like …

Tube Amps

I always loomed at those big tube stacks from Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and I always loved the way vacuum tubes sound so damn good, for live music and for home listening. I started off by looking on the Internet for schematics, downloaded some, and …

Diretta Iniezione

I was in need to get a dynamic microphone preamplifier, but I was not satisfied by the ones I could find. So I decided to make one, using a FET input and this design proved good.

Digital Speedometer

In 1998 I had a passion for tuning engines and motors, and I had a 50cc scooter whose engine I brought to 70cc, racing crankshaft, a 19mm carburettor, and something else I enjoyed changing in a small, but well tooled workshop. In particular it had a …